Administrative Work is Much More than Filing Papers — and Here are 5 Reasons Why it’s Good for your Career


Administrative work is so much more than filing papers or answering phones. A lot of people think that working as an admin means you’d be stuck in a cramp cubicle filing papers all day, or being looked down on for doing “mindless” routine jobs that don’t require “real” skills, like making coffee for bosses. Boy, could this be more wrong! These persistent stereotypes shouldn’t discourage you from applying for an admin job.

Although clerical tasks are generally part of an admin professional’s job description, the “admins” of today are assigned more and more varied and challenging work to help businesses run smoothly. And this means one needs a variety of skills to enter this role. You think a receptionist’s job is only to dress up nice and just smile at people all day? Think again. Receptionists and front-liners are the “face” of the company, and they need excellent communication and customer service skills as they need to give a good impression to visitors and clients.

So whether you are a fresh graduate looking for your first job, or an experienced worker who is planning a career move, here are 5 reasons why you should consider an Admin Role:

1. You can get admin work practically anywhere

Admin and support work is needed in almost every business sector. People are needed to keep the business running so the innovators and decision-makers can concentrate on creating the products and services that are the bread-and-butter of the business. They need people to talk to suppliers, customers, and business partners, keep records of important data, coordinate and supply the needs of different departments, among other things.

2. Admin work can get your foot in the door of any industry

If you’re looking to enter a particular industry, especially one where you have no experience in, you can take an administrative or support role to learn the ropes. You’ll be able to learn the ins and outs of the industry and pick up valuable skills and experience along the way, which can help build up your resume.

3. You have variety in the job

Again, this is to dispel the outdated notion that admin professionals are only assigned clerical work such as encoding, filing, answering phones, and running errands for other people in the office (but yes, they do these things). With the continuous advancement in technology and business processes, admin and support people are now being assigned more varied and complex tasks, which are sometimes specific to the needs of a particular department or project.

4. You get many opportunities to learn a variety of skills

That’s the beauty of being in a “generalist” role — people can give you other tasks as the need arises. This means you get a lot of opportunities to learn and try new things. In the process, you get to showcase your potential and build up your skills arsenal, which can help boost your career growth.

5. Yes, there is career growth

Admin work can be a stepping stone for bigger things. With the relevant knowledge and practical experience you will have acquired in your admin job, you can build up your resume to pursue another position within your industry.

But what may come as a surprise to many people is that there is career growth within the administrative profession itself. From a rank-and-file position, an admin professional can move upward to higher positions such as senior executive assistant, admin/office managers, and even project managers.

Skills you need for an administrative role

You think filing documents and answering phones don’t require skills? They do. They are called organizational and communication skills, which are some of the most in-demand soft skills in today’s workplace. Admin roles also require: computer literacy, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, adaptability, attention to details, and ability to learn new things.