4 Skills to Learn This New Year

Another year has come and gone and many people are already gearing up for 2018 by coming up with their New Year’s resolutions. A resolution that frequently pops up on people’s lists is taking up a new skill or two. Here are 4 fun and valuable skills that you can learn in the upcoming year without having to break the bank.


  1. Statistics 101

Statistics seems like a hard subject to take up but thanks to countless of online and offline resources, learning it has never been so accessible. You can start by learning the core principles of statistics before moving on to more advanced concepts, all without having a mathematics degree.

  1. Play a musical instrument

There are numerous benefits to learning to play a musical instrument. Psychologists and researchers say that playing an insturment is an effective stress reliever, helps keep your memory sharper, and develops your creativity. Playing an instrument helps to keep your mind focused and alert as a great deal of concentration is needed. Fortunately, there is a vast array of ways one can learn to play an instrument and the won’t cost you a hefty price.

  1. Improve your drawings

Refining your drawing skills can not only help provide you with a new creative outlet but may even help you with various job pursuits and projects. There are different types of drawing styles and they can all be used in various forms of media so it is quite an indispensable skill to have in your repertoire. Drawing is also a relatively cheap and easy hobby to maintain. Get your pencils and sketchpads ready!

  1. Personal financial management

What better time to learn more about financial management than during the New Year when your resolutions on being more smart about your money are still fresh in your mind? Get a better hold of you finances by learning about investments, stock management, and even comprehensive savings through online courses or person-led workshops and seminars.

If you want to learn any of these skills, visit the SpeedyCourse website and check out our extensive selection of training courses,workshops and classes. We hope you all have a rewarding and productive New Year!