5 Simple Ways to Make Your Free Time More Productive


When you have ample free time, it is tempting to simply laze around, check your social media, and watch hundreds of funny dog videos on YouTube. However, this means that you may be missing out on many opportunities to develop yourself and to improve your career prospects. It is beneficial for you to spend your free time wisely, especially when you are in between jobs. You are responsible for investing time and effort into refining your capabilities and talents in order to give yourself an edge in an ever-increasing competitive job market.

Here are a few productive ways to keep yourself constantly active:

  • Take up a new skill

With the almost limitless resources available at anyone’s disposal, it’s now easy to learn a new skill or two. Have you always wanted to speak Mandarin? Or do you one day aim to be a master at stocks? Now is the best time to go out and learn! From online tutorials to classes in academies, there is no excuse for you to get out to learn something new.

  • Attend workshops

Related to the first point, consider attending some workshops to improve your skillset. Workshops provide you with a hands-on learning experience that you may be unable to get from online resources alone. Workshops can also be a good networking opportunity and can be an ideal venue to make some new and valuable connections.

  • Read more books

There are numerous benefits associated with reading. Studies have shown that reading helps to improve memory and focus. Reading can also boost your analytical skills and can reduce stress. There is even research that proves that reading, especially fiction books, help you become more empathetic. But no matter the genre, reading keeps your mind constantly active and agile.

  • Try a stimulating hobby

While there’s nothing wrong with checking your Facebook account every so often or binging on a television series, it may be prudent for you to consider taking up a more productive hobby to keep yourself active. It is also a more fun and engaging way to learn new things, especially if you find tutorials and traditional classes too cumbersome. Taking up a new musical instrument, dancing, or playing sports are just some of the valuable hobbies that virtually anyone can take up.

  • Take on freelance jobs

This is especially useful to those who are building up their resumes and/or are currently not working full-time or are unemployed. Freelancing gives you even more experience, which is a valuable resource in today’s work environment. It fills in the gaps in your resume, which will appeal to many employers. Working keeps you constantly learning and developing yourself.