4 Skills That You Can Learn Without Going Back to College


Some people hesitate to change their career paths or start a new business because their undergraduate degrees are not “related” to what they want to do. They lack the confidence and believe that they do not have the skills that they need to pursue their desired ventures or step up their careers.

But do not let this discourage you, because you can learn brand new skills even without having to go back to college.  There are countless resources, workshops and training courses available to help you pursue or improve on a useful skill (or two).

These skills listed down below are fundamental in many jobs and developing a mastery of them can give you an edge in the ever-competitive job market. Fortunately, you do not need to go to college to learn them!

1. Writing

Writing is a fundamental skill that can be taken for granted. While most can write in some capacity, many admittedly find themselves struggling to do it well.

There are different kinds of writing, from business to creative writing, making it a truly indispensible skill to have. If you wish to improve your writing skills, simply start by practicing! You can also refine your writing by studying available writing tips online. If you feel that you need additional help or guidance, attend a writing workshop. Workshops give you access to professionals who can look over your progress and give you the criticisms needed to improve.

2. Entrepreneurship

You do not need a college degree to become a great entrepreneur. There are numerous high-profile examples of successful entrepreneurs, from Richard Branson to Michael Dell, who did not have a college degree. This does not mean, however, that you can just hop off of bed and start a business that will instantly earn millions.

A lot of work goes into becoming a successful entrepreneur. Learning is still necessary, though you do not need to shell out an exorbitant amount in undergraduate courses. There are plenty of available workshops and classes that can educate you on all the basics an entrepreneur will need in his or her arsenal, from business language to basic business operations and even to taxation and other important legalities.


3. Microsoft Office

Most jobs will require the use and knowledge of applications like Excel and Word. A passing knowledge of Microsoft Office may not be enough for you to succeed in the workplace so it is imperative to develop some mastery over it. Become adept at all the important functions of Excel, Word and PowerPoint so you do not feel lost in the workplace.

4. New Language

A Bachelor of Arts degree in a foreign language is not necessary for a person to become fluent in it. Give yourself an edge in the job market by learning a new language through various courses from embassies or language programs. You may be surprised by how many possibilities can be opened up to you by taking up a new language!

– NH