3 Transferable Skills For Job Seekers

Transferable skills are developed through time—from school to the workplace. These skills can also be acquired from doing volunteer or charity work or playing for a sports club. The good thing about transferable skills is that, although you may not have a great deal of work experience, you can include these transferable skills in your CV when you’re applying for a job.

According to Careerealism, many graduates in the United States change jobs as many as four times within a period of five years. This report was based on a study conducted by the University of Southern California. Changing careers requires a different set of soft and technical skills. However, there are some skills that could be considered as transferable skills because you can use them across all industries.

Having worked in different industries or fields, jobseekers are often confused which skills to highlight on their resume or CV. Here’s a short list of three transferable skills that could help you in your next job hunting.


An effective leader has the ability to motivate a team or colleague, take responsibility for her/his actions and decisions, accomplish objectives, and know how to handle a crisis or difficult situation. These skills are often obtained through experience and can be develop through time. Having a charismatic personality and knowing how to deal with people also makes someone a good leader.


You don’t have to be a Communications Specialist to have this type of skill, but taking up short courses or trainings on oral presentation and business writing can help you develop your communication skills. In almost every industry, it is required to communicate to all sectors of the business. Most employers look for someone who knows how to interact with colleagues, supervisors, clients and customers. This includes being a good listener and negotiator.

Analytical Skills

Since most of today’s businesses use advanced technology and need to gather information quickly, they prefer someone who can cope up with the demands. Being able to analyze data or information is a valuable skill. One of the common problems that employers face is dealing with too many unnecessary information or incomplete data. This skill can be acquired in school like when doing a research paper or thesis.

There are more transferable skills that one can develop to help them jump from one career to another without having difficulty in adjusting. We hope that our list can serve as a guide for your next job hunting.

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